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Unique, Expressive Dolls By Swiss Artist Maja Bill

Swiss artist Maja Bill began making dolls very early in her life. Her first creations were simply for her own pleasure. However, as a Kindergarten teacher, she then began making dolls for her students and her own children. Today, Maja Bill is a reputable doll artist, modeling dolls for collectors around the world. She creates every facet of her marvelous dolls including all of their array of beautiful clothing and accessories, making each a truly unique edition. Working in both vinyl and waxed-over-porcelain, she creates small, limited editions and one-of-a-kind dolls. With her amazing talent for capturing a child's expression and ability to create garments which reflect many cultures, you are sure to find each of Maja Bill's dolls a delight and true pleasure to collect.

Maja Bill Puppen
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  • Valentina

    Maru’s little sister

    20" all vinyl doll for play or collecting

    Magnificently crafted with unique, life-like facial features that look just like a little girl. She may look and feel like porcelain, but she is made from the…

    € 149,50

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