German dolls by Kathe KruseThe Hand Follows The Heart... Kathe Kruse Doll Company Motto

The dolls of Kathe Kruse have endured for 90 years as playthings and as valued collector's items. They are recognized the world over as the epitome of the classic doll. Created today with the same careful attention to detail and using the original patterns, Kathe Kruse dolls are really in a class of their own. No doll collection is truly complete without at least one Kathe Kruse creation.

Kathe Kruse

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  • 40309 Monalie 2014
    40309 Monalie 2014

    Monalie, a dreamy doll child, really has to be loved with her off white dress. Her cap is made of finest cotton lace. On her feet`s she wears hand crocheted soft shoes. Her cuddly doll wears the…

    € 690,00
  • 52953 H.Karolina
    52953 H.Karolina

    20,8"/52cm.Karolina is made in cooperation with the doll artist Silvia Natterer, a friend of the late Hanne Adler-Kruse. They met in 1978. The body of Karolina is hand stuffed with reindeer hair. Silvia Natterer creates the vinyl…

    € 690,00
  • Das Schlancke Enkelkind.
    Das Schlancke Enkelkind.


    € 995,00
  • Mini Minouche Timo
    Mini Minouche Timo

    Vanaf 3 jaar. 27cm. Stoffen lijfje dus volop beweegbaar.

    Geproduceerd bij Käthe Kruse.

    € 64,99
  • Mini Minouche Rosalie
    Mini Minouche Rosalie

    Vanaf 3 jaar. 27cm cm. Ze heeft een stoffen lijfje, zodoende is ze volop beweegbaar en past ze makkelijk in een tasje. Geproduceerd bij Käthe Kruse.

    € 64,99

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