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  • 3403224 sneakers (50cm)
    3403224 sneakers (50cm)

    DescriptionToday it's time for school and what would be better to wear than these beautiful trainers? With cool little flowers allover and white shoe soles you can combine them with a skirt, your favourite pair of jeans or a…

    € 9,99
  • 3403234 Bijenbox (50cm)
    3403234 Bijenbox (50cm)

    DescriptionWhat a cool set for your doll. Two pairs of shoes and glitter socks for an extravagant style. The boots have a great bee design and lots of glitter so they are the perfect statement for any bee friend. Another highlight…

    € 21,00
  • 3403235 Laarzen met glitter (50cm)
    3403235 Laarzen met glitter (50cm)

    DescriptionWow - this pair of booties is very cool! Booties with buckle and glitter which perfectly match your favourite skirt, a cool dress and of course some jeans. These could be your favourite boots soon!



    € 13,49
  • 3403045 Glitter sneaker Lollipop (50cm)
    3403045 Glitter sneaker Lollipop (50cm)

    DescriptionWhat a cool pair of shoes! Rose coloured glitter trainers for your doll which look perfect to any look. Smart when combined with jeans or more chic when combined with a skirt or dress. An absolute must-have for your…

    € 9,99
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