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  • ST0001 - Royal Accessories
    ST0001 - Royal Accessories

    Silver and gold royal sword with brown leather scabbard and a leather belt with blue stone are the perfect accessories for our brave prince Stephan.

    Includes: Sword with leather scabbard and belt

    € 42,95
  • JA000X 1750's outfit.
    JA000X 1750's outfit.

    Based on many requests, we will be offering a Pre-production for a Small Limited Edition of the 1750's outfit that our new boy James William comes with.

    € 119,00
  • Trunk

    This handsome trunk is perfect for clothes storage but is pretty enough to feature in your doll displays.
    Made in heavy stock and covered in deep red moiré taffeta, it's accented by gold hinges and locks and leather like…

    € 144,95
  • Cart02 Robin-Hood, Arch, bows
    Cart02 Robin-Hood, Arch, bows

    Two arrows, bow and brown leather quiver to accessorize our Robin Hood outfit.

    CART2 - Archery ~ Accessories
    Includes: bow, quiver and arrow.

    Not intended for children under 12 years of age.
    These items are fragile…

    € 37,95
  • JA001 ~ Blue Suit Outfit
    JA001 ~ Blue Suit Outfit

    Trendy Blue Suit outfit with jacket and pants made in quality thick cotton material and lined in satin, white buttoned down shirt, striped tie and matching pocket square as well as a pair of socks.
    Outfit fits all Carpatina 18"…

    € 57,95
  • CART3 ~ Casual Chic Outfit
    CART3 ~ Casual Chic Outfit

    For an afternoon out, Carter wants to strike the right note.
    He is chosen a casual but chic look with a comfortable pair of tan corduroys and a short-sleeved shirt in trendy stripes.
    It is the perfect choice for a movie with his…

    € 37,95
  • ST005 - Court Outfit
    ST005 - Court Outfit

    Blue brocade tunic with silver buttons and shoulder epaulets, a black belt studded with silver jewels and blue-gray long pants!

    Includes: Tunic, Pants and Belt

    Excl. shoes

    € 59,95
  • ST0002 - Crown Jewels
    ST0002 - Crown Jewels

    Royal crown made in iron and accented with blue jewels and silver chain of office are the perfect accessories for our brave prince Stephan.

    Includes: Crown and Chain of Office

    € 33,95
  • Cart1. Robin Hood outfit
    Cart1. Robin Hood outfit




    Default Title - $48.00 USD ADD TO CART


    He was the first to step out of the forest. Effortlessly he raised his bow, blocking their horses. Then five…

    € 69,00
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