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  • Glitter sneaker Lollipop
    Glitter sneaker Lollipop

    About the product

    What a cool pair of shoes! Rose coloured glitter trainers for your doll which look perfect to any look. Smart when combined with jeans or more chic when combined with a skirt or dress. An absolute must-have for…

    € 9,99
  • Ice skating boots On Ice
    Ice skating boots On Ice

    About the product

    Would you like to go ice skating and to take your doll with you? With this pair of great white ice skates you have just the thing. Dress her in a warm outfit and you're ready to go! Have fun!

    Our Commitment to…

    € 17,95
  • Trainers Denim
    Trainers Denim

    About the product

    Comfortable little shoes for your doll. These denim trainers are perfect for the playground or wandering around town.

    Our Commitment to quality

    3 years up

    enhances creative play

    machine washable


    € 8,99

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